A workable and
user-friendly application
for managing your events

All the utilities you may need:
event poster, speakers’ CVs,
messaging with participants and more.

A&R Events Conference Lab - Training at a Click of a Button

A&R Eventi – Conference Lab is our simple and functional event management app.
It collects all the utilities that Participants and Lecturers may need: the registrants will be able to find inside the app their courses, both those already attended and those scheduled. For each event you will have at your disposal: list and curricula of lecturers, event brochure, venue map, general information, messaging with notification, QR Code for attendance tracking and sponsor area.

Through a functional and user-friendly interface, every aspect of the event can be managed and scheduled.

In designing the app, developed side by side with our trusted programmers, we strongly wanted to promote interactivity between speakers and participants and develop features that could be useful for CME training.
One area of the app is dedicated to live questions asked by speakers: during presentations and lectures, each lecturer has the opportunity to present a set of closed multiple-choice questions showing in real time the results of the answers with pie chart/histogram.

On the other hand, another special section is dedicated to Questionnaires: evaluation questionnaire, participant satisfaction questionnaire and CME learning test. Upon completion of the test, the app allows the Participant to know immediately whether the test was passed and automatically it transmits results to the Provider, for necessary fulfillment.

The application we have designed, which is highly customized, helps us in providing each Participant and Teacher with an interactive and effective training experience.