“Over the long run,
superior performance
depends on
superior learning.”

Peter Senge

A Certified Quality System for High Value Training

A&R Eventi has been an accredited Provider since 2011 (Standard since 2014) according to the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program – No. 490:
Provider qualified to deliver CME RES (Residential Training) and FAD (Distance Learning – having its own FAD platform accredited in Age.na.s – www.areventifad.com), aimed at all Health Professions recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Aware of the importance and the need to avail itself of an organizational system capable of guaranteeing the quality of the services performed
and the satisfaction of its clients, A&R Eventi has established and it is maintaining an active Quality Management System to ensure greater control of all activities and the interactions between them.
In 2011, it achieved certification of its Quality System according to ISO 9001.

The expertise and experience of those who have been involved in events for years are the strength and starting point of A&R Events,
whose main goal is to to make every meeting a unique and successful training opportunity.